Wood Fireplaces

Prefabricated wood burning fireboxes are the budget-friendly alternative to building a masonry fireplace. They can be added during the time of construction or used to replace an existing metal fireplace box that has rusted out. Basic models are available when the desire for an open fire is valued over heat and efficiency. For heat seeking or energy conscious homeowners, high efficiency models are built to last and provide warmth and performance.
The basic fireplaces are perfect for the homeowner who desires the look, sound and feel of a traditional fireplace. This type of “zero clearance” firebox can be installed into wood framing and finished with brick, stone or the design of your choice. The steel fireboxes are brick lined and come standard with a mesh curtain for spark protection. These fireplaces are often referred to as a “zero clearance” fireplace because of the minimal clearance required to walls and combustibles. A double-walled chimney pipe must run vertical and terminate at the top of the roof line to exhaust the smoke. These fireplaces come in a variety of size options. With the basic type of wood fireplace, there is little to no heat value. Much like a traditional masonry fireplace, the heated flue pipe begins to pull the smoke and the room air up the chimney resulting in 80% heat loss. A blower is an option but it will NOT increase the heat output or efficiency of the fireplace.
The prefabricated wood fireplace alternative for the energy conscious home owner is a high efficiency firebox. We offer models from Fireplace X , Hearthstone, and Kozy Heat that offer up to 80% heat efficiency performance. These models meet strict EPA requirements for emissions and are clean burning. Efficient wood fireboxes come complete with ceramic glass doors to keep the warm air in the home without sacrificing the view of the fire. These fireboxes can still be built into wood framing ( following manufacture clearance requirements) and finished to look like a traditional fireplace with brick, stone or the materials of your choice. Blowers to circulate the heat are generally standard with high efficiency models. Whether you are building or remodeling, these options have many benefits over the traditional masonry fireplace at a lower cost with a higher heat return. Be sure to explore the option of a high efficiency wood fireplace before your next construction project! We have a nice selection of these models on display in our showroom.