Wood Stoves & Inserts

A wood stove is more than just a practical way to warm your home. It’s often the centerpiece of the room as well – something that family and friends will gather round. Stoves are available in a variety of materials: plate steel, cast iron, and cast iron with soapstone inserts.

Many factors will influence your purchase. The wide variety of brands and stove types can be overwhelming. Our showroom in Zelienople has a wide selection of steel, cast iron and soapstone wood stoves on display. Our sales staff can educate you on the differences between these stove models so you can make the best decision for your home. For instance, steel stoves heat up very rapidly but are unable to hold heat for long periods of time. Steel stoves are the most economical choice. A cast iron stove has tremendous heat retention. Some models have burn times in excess of 16 hours with one load of wood! Cast iron stoves can also be enameled providing a lustrous color to compliment any interior. Soapstone stoves provide a very even radiant heat. While they don’t provide quite as lengthy burn times, they offer “heat life”. The stone exterior is 1 ½” thick and can hold heat for several hours after the fire has extinguished. They are not recommended for un-insulated areas such as a concrete block basement.
A “freestanding” wood stove can be installed in any room. Hearth requirements will vary by the model stove you select. A wood stove must vent vertical either thru an existing roof or by extending the pipe thru an exterior wall of the home and then running up the outside of the house.
Our CSIA ( Chimney Safety Institute of America) certified team of installers can plan and execute the installation of your wood stove with ease. Planning is key when installing a wood appliance in your home. Many code and clearance requirements will need to be considered. We strongly urge you to consider the cost of professional installation as a part of your stove investment to ensure the safety of your stove installation. Installation costs and the cost of the chimney system required to vent your stove can often exceed the cost of the actual stove so it is best to consider the entire project cost and not just the price of a wood stove alone.
Visit our showroom today and let one of our sales associates assist you in selecting the perfect stove to heat your home!